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Signing a Contract

Customer Terms & Conditions

Reading pages long terms and conditions can be quite frustrating, and we believe no one has time for that. Therefore, we have summarized this process for you to be short, enjoyable, and explanatory.

Welcome to Outzair

When you become our customer, you agree to our terms and conditions. Terms and conditions that we have created to protect you and ourselves. There might be some changes from time to time. You can see the changes made on this page at such times.

Payment & Refunds

The first payment is received within "5" business days after you decide on the service, you have agreed to sign-up.


If our customers wish to terminate the contract, they must notify us via email or telephone at least five "5" business days before the due date.


If the payment is not received for any reason content will be suspended until the payment is received. 


Note that there may be variations between the payment date and the starting date of the content. We can start producing content "5" days before or after the payment.


This date depends on the responsiveness of our customers about initiating the content. outzair does not refund fees.


If you make your first payment, we will assume that you want to work with us, and we will start producing content for you.


We aim to respond to you within 24 hours. Since Saturdays and Sundays are outside our working days, we may not be able to answer these days, but we will get back to you on the next working day. 


When we are busy, our response time may take longer. We recommend that you write "urgent" or "important" as the title of your messages to minimize the encounter with such situations. 


In any case, you are obliged to keep the login passwords of your social media accounts or your website admin panel. Besides these conditions, we will determine weekly meetings with our customers to evaluate the progress and review the strategy.

Client Responsibility

As our customer, you check your social media accounts, comments, and messages on a planned or random basis. In necessary cases, we can respond to comments. 


We may not be able to answer some comments or messages, in which case we expect our customers to answer.

We will not send you e-mails or messages unless it is considerable, so you should routinely monitor their account or your website inbox.


Besides, we would be glad if you could inform us swiftly about changes in your business or the services you offer. And inform us that you want to cancel your contract at least "5" days in advance.

E-Commerce Conditions

As outzair, we are happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement with resellers. With an NDA, our customers can make sure that we respect the parts of your business that should remain confidential and that we will not disclose them.


However, outzair cannot be held responsible for accidental leaks. To maintain a reseller package, an email address and can call from mobile phone numbers that are not attached to outzair should be provided by the reseller. If a customer searches and discovers that the outzair manages their account, we cannot be held responsible. 

As an E-Commerce owner, you must also monitor your payment terms - whether you bill your customers upfront or receive payment at the end of the month, you must pay each customer in advance via Direct Debit.

Content Disclaimers

We take care of every piece of content we create for your business or brand, and we want to make sure we compile content related to your social media accounts. However, we are not liable for the damage that inappropriate content will cause your brand or social media accounts.

We generate posts suitable for your social media accounts using all the content we have gathered from reliable sources and other businesses in the same industry as yours.


However, if you notice any inappropriateness or incorrect information in the content, it is your responsibility to alert us to change it immediately. We encourage you to share the developments in your industry with your account manager so that we can avoid unwanted situations and spend more time focusing on the quality of our work.

Your Personal Data

Outzair carefully complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other data protection laws. Customers acknowledge that Outzair may put their names and other information obtained from our emails and phone calls in a directory for internal use and to provide our Outzair service.


All data provided by any customer of Outzair is kept by our current privacy policy. Sensitive information such as social media login credentials and passwords is encrypted and stored behind two-factor authenticated password managers - however, Outzair cannot be held responsible for passwords or sensitive information sent in emails.


We recommend using a tool like Lastpass when sending passwords. When a customer terminates their plan with Outzair, all sensitive information is securely deleted, but contact information may be retained for future remarketing purposes.

Changes To Terms

We have the right to change the terms and conditions at any time, with or without notice. Such changes will take effect as soon as they are posted on this page.


Your continued use of our service indicates your acceptance of the terms and conditions or privacy policy changes. We recommend you bookmark this page and visit it regularly the changes. And you understood them clearly. Outzair will notice the customers vie e-mail at least 14 days prior in case of any change may affect the social media accounts or websites of the customer's


Outzair also promises to alert customers 90 days before any raise on the service rate. For your safety, an increase in the price of services must be approved before changing payment options

Any questions? We are always here to listen

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