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Thank you for your interest in OUTZAIR

I am excited to hear more about you

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 I AM   L O L A 

I am a French Virtual assistant with solid Business Strategy & Marketing skills. I help nature-oriented and outdoorsy entrepreneurs to shine up their brand and grow their businesses. 

My services meet halfway between a marketing consultant and a virtual assistant. I provide high-end support on a wide variety of tasks. I have already worked for various hotels, travel agencies, influencers and athletes from the outdoors industry. I am willing to be your trusted companion that you can always count on for hard work, honest opinions, and firm advice.

People I have worked with define me as a "Swiss Army Knife". In other words, I am that multi-skills person who will connect all the dots behind the scene. My ultimate goal is to take an active role in your business growth, exceed your expectations and help you to achieve your long-term goals. 


Shine up your Online Strategy with a dedicated DIGITAL MARKETING SUPPORT

Grow your business with a specialized VIRTUAL ASSISTANT SERVICE

Head to services to get a better glance on my assistance

I LOVE  MY JOB! And you?

I love assisting businesses' growth and connecting with other outdoorsy entrepreneurs.

My passion for helping businesses like yours, fuelled 

by love for outdoors, adventure and nature stems from my own experience as an outdoor enthusiast.

When I’m not working on your performance levers, I am likely somewhere in-between the top of a mountain-range and the depths of the oceans. 


My mottos: Exploring the world, Learning everything I can, Hiking (Gr10, GR20, GR92, Carian trail are few examples of some great trails I have been completed).

I bet we have a lot in common and like you, I want people to meet the joy, balance, and inspiration  when you are OUT THERE.



I am a MIM double degree graduate specialized in Marketing and Business strategy.​

I have over 9 years of marketing, logistic, customer service, and assistant director working experience in the Travel & Outdoor industry. In other words, I know how these industries function and how to make your life easier. 


Prior to setting up OUTZAIR, I had the opportunity to be involved in the development of a wide range of companies, from start-ups to top leaders in the industry all around the world. Through the years, I have consistently developed my skills in Marketing and Business Development. 

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Be Ambitious 

Be True

Scale your dreams

Stay aligned

Share your success

Be Generous

Let me tell you  MY SECRET...

 P A S S I O N 

I focus on working with outdoorsy entrepreneurs simply because I love the outdoors and everything in between exploration, adventure, nature... 
I love taking an active role in the growth of your kind of business.
​ Indeed, it is a piece of cake for me to excel in my job when the topic feels attractive.


You need to create engaging content?

I have already tons of ideas in stock. 

You need advice to increase the revenue at minimum cost?

I already know your industry.


You need to join all the dots together and create a solid brand that you will be proud to show to the world?
Reach me out and we can set up a robust strategy.

Branding is one of my favourite marketing topics and I most probably already know your competitors, markets, targets. It does make it easier to set up a brand image which stands out.


You need to leverage your online presence but do not know where to start?

Let me set it all up (social media + website), all aligned with your brand identity. I already know your top industry influencers, hashtags, sponsors,  potential clients, virtual habits. 

Do you have it all planned in your head, but you just always feel too short on time?

Let me help you to take the job from your plate giving back the time you need to focus on what really matters to you.

In a nutshell, I am bonded with your industry. I am already connected inside-out with your targets, your brand, your markets and your challenges. Eventually, it will allow me to provide you with the most precise service.


What sets Outzair apart?

We share the same passion

I have proven, certified qualification and experience.

I have strategic mind within a creative soul.

Gain valuable marketing support to optimize your online presence and reach your highest results.

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Free up your valuabe time so you can focus on what really matters to you in your company.


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